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Over the years, many people in Vail have considered the possible benefits of organizing Vail into a formal entity.  The current effort to explore possible ways to help Vail get a “voice” was chartered by the Vail Community Action Board (VCAB) in July 2010 as the “Vail Vision Project”.  Through this forum, a committee consisting of a group of 25 local volunteers met monthly to collect information about how the community may build more influence on future decisions that affect the Vail area.   

The initial objectives of the committee were to:

  • Research possible governance models
  • Evaluate each model
  • Summarize findings
  • Conduct a Town Hall to solicit community feedback

These initial efforts culminated in a public town hall meeting on April 20, 2011 at Empire High School.  In this meeting the committee shared the results of their research and discussed the pros and cons of five courses of action. See the slides that were presented.

At the conclusion of the meeting, participants were asked to vote on their preferences for providing a greater “voice” for Vail.  The results of the votes for their #1 choice was as follows:

  1. Incorporation - 57%
  2. Do Nothing - 18%
  3. Improvement District - 17%
  4. Green Valley Coordinating Council - 6%
  5. Annexation - 2%

Based on the positive feedback from the town hall meeting, the VCAB organized and sponsored a new subcommittee to explore the feasibility of incorporation.  The subcommittee, organized as “Vail Vision Quest”, was made up of local residents and topical experts and was given the following charter by VCAB:

“Vision Quest be instituted as a subcommittee to be comprised of a minimum of 20 registered voters from the unincorporated Greater Vail area. The committee will meet monthly and the charge is to analyze the feasibility and viability of incorporation”

The subcommittee started operation in October, 2011.

Vail Vision Quest established a mission to:

  • Examine key elements required for incorporation:
  • Recommend highest density areas within Vail as potential incorporated area
  • Understand infrastructure needs
  • Examine costs and revenue potential
  • Review governance options
  • Determine how to take recommendations to the voters
  • Weigh individual and collective potential benefits and costs to the community
  • Determine next steps in incorporation effort

Work of the subcommittee is well underway. View a presentation discussing their work.