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Benefits to Incorporation

Check out a PDF of the slideshow from a recent committee meeting and learn 5 Reasons to Incorporate Vail.

With the new revenue brought in from the State (remember, there's no new taxes), we could:

  • Improve our roads
  • Increase police presence
  • Build parks for our children
  • Influence a library for our community
  • Preserve our past and our values
  • Encourage retail development

Basic services in incorporated areas form the essential foundation for economic success:

  • Improved Public Safety (police)
  • Improved Infrastructure (roads)
  • Other benefits like libraries and parks
  • Greater local/regional influence

Arizona population living in incorporated areas: 83%

  • Maricopa County 93% ($898M)
  • Pima County 64% ($182M)

State revenues shared with cities in FY 2012-2013: $1.4B split between the 91 municipalities

Sources include: The role of Arizona Cities and Towns in the State’s Economy, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, 10/06

Our Community Needs Work!

  • There isn't a single free public park in Vail.
  • Our roads are terrible.
  • Can anyone say "grocery store"? As a unified voice, we can better leverage businesses to break ground in Vail.

Improve Our Roads

  • Pima County spent $243,000 on our roads last year, taxes we already pay today would provide $688,000 for us to spend on our roads
  • Pima County is responsible for maintaining 2,068 miles of roads
  • The Town of Vail would have 65 miles of town-maintained roads

Increase Our Safety

  • The number of police callouts continues to increase each year
  • A permanent presence is needed in our community—the closest county sheriff substation is over 20 miles (~30+) minutes away (Bear Canyon)
  • Vail deserves better

Take Control of Our Future

Today, Pima County approves all building and development plans for Vail:

  • We can influence how our town grows and develops (existing land use is grandfathered)
  • We can have more control to preserve our past and those qualities of Vail that matter to us

What Else?

  • Vail School District continues, as is
  • Fire protection continues, as is
  • Water service continues, as is
  • Trash and sewer service remain unchanged
  • No property tax increase